Stu-Gotts, I LUV STU-GOTTS Tee

Stu-Gotts iconic I LOVE NEW YORK graphic is celebrated with a Stu-Gotts twist, utilizing the branded Stu-Gotts branded heart / stugots. This stylish design is sure to strike up a conversation at your next Rally, Wrench Down, Ride, or out-and-about. Designed by Michael Montini, Stu-Gotts Tarpon Springs.


Printed on ONNO™ Hemp Tees. Hemp fabric filters UV light, so you'll have a bit of UV protection while out on your rides. Hemp resists bacterial growth, so you won't smell after your rides, and Hemp is four times stronger than cotton so it won't weaken when washed. Hemp has been compared to linen, where the fabric becomes softer with each use, and it absorbs moisture quickly. Read more about Hemp in our "Your Mother" section.

Sizing chart provided by our friends at ONNO™, please references chest and neck sizing for your preferred fit. Please note, Stu-Gotts is not offering women's sizes at this time. Analytics show that the men's fit is preferred by our customers, coupled with ONNO's manufacture by demand policy, it wouldn't make environmental or financial sense to hold inventory. is a merchandising portal from Stu-Gotts, a vintage scooter club, with members all over the state of Florida. The goal is to have clubs around the world, accept the philosiphy of Stu-Gotts, and embras it as an montra or expression of what it is to be a vintage scooterist. Original Art and Graphics created by Michael Montini of Creightive, ©2015 Copyright, All Rights Reserved.


© Copyright, 2015, Creightive. All Rights Reserved.