Fully blown and hitting three's is a dream for some – reality for these guys!

Vespa Servicing.com Sarasota, Florida
Darren Miles

With over 20 years experience servicing, repairing and restoring both new and vintage scooters, Darren is know for building some award winning custom Vespas. After a 4 year apprenticeship in the UK building flight simulators and earning a mechanical engineering degree, Darren moved to the states in 1991 where I decided to pursue his passion for Vespas. Darren is factory certified by PiaggioUSA as a Vespa/Piaggio technician; together with experience at the Vespa Tampa dealership from it's inception in 2002-2006 and then onto opening and managing the Vespa Sarasota dealership from 2006-2009, you know why Darren is the goto guy.


Vespa Servicing is independently serving the gulf coast, providing outstanding service at a fair price, where customer satisfaction will lead to your repeat business.

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